Waffle Cone & Fruit Coating by Tawas Bay Fudge Co

Thank you Tawas Bay Fudge Company in East Tawas, Michigan for sending us this photo of your cones!

Ideal for ice cream shops, restaurants and concession stands. Adds flavor to cones and fruit and is easy to heat and use. Coating turns into a hard shell quickly for fast paced environments.


  • Warm to 120F and stir until blended.
  • Dip waffle cone, fruit or ice cream as desired.
  • Coating hardens at room temperature.

Note: If coating is too hot, coverage will be thin.  If coating is too cold, coverage will be thick.


  • When finished using for the day, turn warmer off
  • Remove any foreign materials from can
  • Cover and store at room temperature
  • Does not require refrigeration
  • Simply reheat when ready to use again
  • Repeat procedure until out
Waffle Cone & Fruit Coating by Tawas Bay Fudge Co
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