320 London Fog Concentrate

320 London Fog Concentrate

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$5.49 each when full case is purchased.

$5.99 each when purchased individually.

750 mL Plastic Bottle

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Product Description

Phillips Coffee House Essentials Syrups are designed to perfectly complement the artistry of the American Barista and deliver the ultimate coffee experience to your customers.  Respecting the rich traditions and culture of coffee houses across America, we handcraft our products in small batches using only the finest ingredients.  We believe the flavorings you add should be made with the same respect and attention to detail as you put into every beverage you skillfully create.

We promise to always use only the finest ingredients and all natural flavors.

Our London Fog Concentrate is the perfect one-step solution for this popular tea Latte.  The unique combination of Earl Grey tea and lavender flavors can also be enhanced with a hint of vanilla.

Standard 16oz London Fog Latte

  • 4 oz London Fog Concentrate
  • 6 oz Steamed Milk
  • 6 oz Hot Water
  • 1/2 oz Phillips Coffee House Essentials Vanilla Syrup (optional)

Extra Creamy 16 oz London Fog Latte

  • 4 oz London For Concentrate
  • 12 oz Steamed Milk
  • 1/2 oz Phillips Coffee House Essentials Vanilla Syrup (optional)

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$32.94 Case of 6 ($5.49 ea), $5.99 ea 750mL Plastic Bottle